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World’s Largest List of Twitter Design Resources

Following the huge success of the “World’s Largest Design Resources List”, we’ve had lots of demand for a follow up. Given the connected world that we now live in, we thought that it would be useful to share with you the Twitter accounts of some of the most influential designers on the web.

If you’re looking for interesting designers to follow, look no further…

@10steps – Great for Photoshop techniques, resources, freebies and inspiration.
@1stwebdesigner – Links by Dainis Graveris to the articles and resources on his blog.
@37signals – Here 37Signals share their information on their products and more.
@8faces – A publication dedicated to typography, edited by @elliotjaystocks.
@abduzeedo – The Twitter account of Fabio Sasso the wonderful chap behind the blog Abduzeedo.
@adactio – The world famous Jeremy Keith shares his thoughts on the web and it’s design.
@adaptivepath – The shared experiences from the wonderful guys at Adaptive Path.
@alexlinebrink – Alex Linebrink, the man behind That Indie Dude blog here shares his opinions on design.
@alistapart – Useful tips and resources from the legends at A List Apart.
@andybudd – Andy Budd, User Experience Designer and Partner at @clearleft.
@andysowards – The avid blogger shares his thoughts, views and amusement.
@aravindajith – Aravind Ajith – Blogger from Bangalore talks about design, CSS and usability.
@bartelme – Wolfgang Bartelme, User interface & graphic designer from Austria.
@bearskinrug – The very amusing account belonging to the illustrator Kevin Cornell.
@beautifuldecay – The Twitter account of Amir Fallah and all things wonderful that are Beautiful Decay.
@beep – Ethan Marcotte, insightful web design posts.
@boagworld – Paul Boag, Founder of Headscape and host of the Boagworld podcast.
@booooooom– The Twitter account accompanying the art & photo blog from Jeff Hamada.
@brendandawes – Brendan Dawes, Creative Director at
@bryanyerkes – Thoughts, links and interesting content from Bryan Yerkes re design and marketing.
@byrichardpowell – Richard Powell, Web Designer & expert in User Experience Design & Front-End dev.
@calebkimbrough – Caleb Kimbrough shares a huge resource of free textures.
@cameronmoll – Cameron Moll, design genius and author shares his experience, tips and view on the industry.
@catswhocode – Jean-Baptiste Jung, WordPress developer, blogger, entrepreneur.
@chadmueller – Chad Mueller, freelance designer specializing in web and graphic design.
@charleyparkerlc – Charley Parker, author of Lines and Colors art, comics and illustration blog.
@chriscoyier – Chris Coyier, the curator behind the CSS Tricks community.
@chrisspooner – Chris Spooner, Creative Director and blogger shares his tips and advice with great links.
@clagnut – Richard Rutter, User experience designer & web typography evangelist. Co-founder of Clearleft.
@clearleft – A great agency to follow for anything UX based.
@colorburned – Grant Friedman, author, blogger, designer, social media marketer, and editor of @psdtuts.
@colourlovers – The bringer together of the web design community. Good stuff.
@colly – Simon Collison, designer, author, speaker, and much more.
@computerarts – The official Twitter account for the Computer Arts Magazine.
@coudal – Jim Coudal, the amazing mind behind Coudal Partners.
@core77 – Links to really interesting stuff from the guys at Core77, the online magazine.
@craigbaldwin – Craig Baldwin, great tweets about design, games and tech.
@crazyleaf – Alex Ionescu, founder and blogger of Crazyleaf Design site.
@creativecurio – LaurenMarie Krause, Independent designer and author of Creative Curio.
@creativeofblog – Full of best practice and tutorials from the Creative Overflow website.
@cssbeauty – CSS Design Showcase, News, Resources, Community, Web Standards from
@cssstyle – Links and content from the CSS Style site, showcasing some of the best design on the web.
@danielmall – Brooklyn Interactive Art Director working at @bigspaceship, former Interactive Director at @happycog – Amazing design resource from the world renowned web design agency.
@dannyoutlaw – Danny Outlaw, Founder of Outlaw Design shares his fresh approach to freelance.
@danrubin – World famous conference speaker, Dan is an awesome designer and photographer.
@davidairey – Wonderful graphic designer based out of Northern Ireland.
@dburka – Director of design at Tiny Speck. Ex-creative director at Digg. All round awesome guy.
@designflavr – Design and visual art inspiration – based out of Melbourne.
@designmeltdown – Run by Patrick McNeil alongside his renowned blog on trends in web design.
@designpoke – A great source for the latest news in design. A digg for the design community.
@designreviver – Looks at tutorials, downloads and articles for web design topics.
@designshard – The account of Max Stanworth, looking at web design, CSS and XHTML
@dezignus – Filled with downloadable freebies and inspirational resources.
@divinecss – A CSS gallery showcase. What more could you want?
@dkr – D Keith Robinson, Design Director at Meta+Level Games, A News Corporation Company.
@doodlage – A great account dedicated to the art of doodles.
@dougdraws – Doug Cloud, a specialist in character design, brand and illustration.
@drawn – Collaborative source for illustrators, artists, cartoonists and anyone who likes to draw.
@elitebydesign – Brian Lovin – Web designer, graphic artist and blogger at Elite By Design.
@elliotjaystocks – The design genuis Elliot Jay Stocks shares his thoughts, inspirations and skillz!
@fling – Brian Fling, Creative Director of pinch/zoom, author of O’Reilly’s Mobile Design & Development.
@freelancefolder – Great for getting started & productivity; design, writing, coding, photography & more
@freelancesw – A great resource for all freelancers.
@fudgegraphics – Franz Jeitz, London based freelance graphic designer. Founder of FudgeGraphics.
@fuelcreativity – The minds behind the Fuel Your Creativity blog share resources and ideas.
@gavinelliott – Gavin Elliott, Creative Producer of the DIBI Web Conference. A Designer, Writer & Speaker.
@gcmorley – Graham Morley – Senior Creative. UX/UI and a whole load of Front End development.
@giackop – Giacomo Coppola, web & graphic designer shares his thoughts ad ideas.
@glenstansberry – Glen Stansberry, a prolific design blogger shares links and resources. Great guy to follow.
@gomediazine – Real-world advice from working artists & designers.
@graphic_blog – Links to their high quality site Graphic Design Blog with interviews and design inspiration.
@gregwood – Greg Wood, Senior designer at Erskine Design, brilliant creative mind.
@happycog – What can we say? They create beautiful things and write beautiful words. A must follow.
@helveticbrands – David Pache, Creative Consultant shares his thoughts and insights.
@hicksdesign – The design legend that is Jon Hicks hereby shares his inner thoughts and design tips.
@hongkiat – the well known blogger from Malaysia shares useful posts and resources, great for any designer.
@hoyboy – Greg Hoy, President of Happy Cog.
@iamkhayyam – Khayyam Wakil takes a fascinating look at design, art and photography.
@ilovetypography – Designer, writer, & founder of I Love Typography, the world’s most popular type blog.
@imjustcreative – Graham Smith covers topcis such as logo design and identity. Interesting chap.
@itsryan – Ryan Foster, Newcastle based designer shares his thoughts on web design and inspiration.
@ixda – Interaction Design Association Global Twitter Feed.w
@jankowarpspeed – Janko Jovanovic, solution architect, developer, designer and artist.
@jasonsantamaria – Jason Santa Maria, founder and principal of Mighty and creative director of Typekit.
@jeffcroft – Jeff Croft, awesome designer and karaoke king… thought you should know!
@jina – Jina Bolton, Designer, author, & speaker working as a User Experience Designer at Engine Yard.
@jmspool – Creative genius Jared Spool shares his design inspirations.
@jontangerine – Jon Tan, designer, web typographer, co-founder of @analogcoop, @mapalong, and @fontdeck.
@joshuahirsch – Joshua Hirsch, The Minister of Technology at Big Spaceship.
@justcreative – Jacob Cass, graphic designer, logo designer, blogger, and link sharer.
@khoi – Khoi Vinh, ex Creative Director for NYTimes shares his design expertise. Typography expert.
@kneath – Kyle Neath, Purveyor of fine pixels for GitHub, Inc. Billionaire Venture Capitalist.
@larissameek – Larissa Meek, ACD at AgencyNet and an artist at heart.
@layersmagazine – Great resource for anything Adobe related.
@lifehacker – Great for tips, shortcuts and downloads to help you work smarter and more efficiently.
@line25blog – Includes various handy web design links and resources, as well as updates from
@logobliss – Logo design inspiration gallery.
@logonest – Fantastic resource for logo design.
@logooftheday – Logo design inspiration, daily! Run by Jacob Cass.
@machoarts – Latest tweets related to Graphics, Design, Web-design and resources. Created by Suraj Vibhute.
@malarkey – Andy Clarke, the founder of Stuff and Nonsense and most recently behind Hard Boiled Design.
@marcofolio – Marco Kuiper, owner of
@markboulton – Mark Boulton, Creative Director at Mark Boulton Design and co-founder of 5 Simple Steps.
@maxvoltar – Twitter account of Tim Van Damme, world class designer based in Belgium.
@mayhemstudios – Specialising in identity and web design, Calvin Lee is a self-confessed Twitter addict.
@menwithpens – James Chartrand, Founder/CEO of the acclaimed web design business Men with Pens.
@meyerweb – Eric Meyer – the man needs no introduction. CSS, web standards, microformats is all we’ll say.
@mezzoblue – Dave Shea, Canadian web designer and co-author of The Zen of CSS Design.
@ministryoftype – Links to new posts and resources on the Ministry of Type website.
@mollydotcom – If you’re interested in web standards, Molly Holzschlag is a must follow.
@myinkblog – A design community site that offers up top notch articles, tutorials, freebies and more.
@naomisusi – Naomi Atkinson is an inspirational designer and here shares her thoughts.
@naldzgraphics – The Twitter account to accompany the site offering tutorials, tips, resources and freebies.
@netmag – The world renowned .Net Magazine herewith shares interesting snippets and competitions.
@nettuts+ – The biggest web resource for learning web development.
@newtutzor – Photoshop tutorials, design and more.
@newwork – A collective of young people working in new media. They share their inspiration and latest work.
@nickla – Creator of themify, ndesign, webdesignerwall, bestwebgallery, and icondock.
@pasql – The great mind behind @darkmotion, this Animator is just too cool for school.
@pearsonified – Chris Pearson gives tutorials and his views on web design. A very clever chap.
@pointbrake – This small agency shares their learnings and insights as they help small business tackle design.
@printmag – A great resource for graphic design, technology, culture, and how it all fits together.
@problogdesign – Updated by Michael Martin, it does what it says on the tin.
@psdfan – Offers tutorials, inspiration and freebies to it’s awesome audience.
@psdtuts – Provided by the world’s top Photoshop tutorial website, filled with useful tips and advice.
@pshopcreative – The team behind Photoshop Creative , providing Adobe Photoshop inspiration and advice.
@qbrushes – Tweets about webdesign and all types of resources Fonts/Vectors/Brushes/Icons/Textures.
@redswish – Manchester based Nathan Beck talks about all things beautiful and design.
@redupdm – Creative web guys and gals in Sunderland share their insights into the web design industry.
@reybango – Rey Bango one of the jQuery’s team shares his views on Javascript, CSS & HTML dev tools.
@ronnielebow – Ronnie Lebow is one of Canada’s leading Creative Directors. A definite follow-worthy guy.
@rossgpalmer – Ross Palmer, Designer at onebestway – not all design based tweets but amusing nonetheless.
@sambrown – Sam Brown, Interface Designing Standardista at Foursquare.
@sazzy – Sarah Parmenter – Fab designer and frequenter of the web design speaker circuit, great girl to follow.
@sharebrain – Thomas Ulbricht shares resources for web designers and front end developers.
@simplebits – Founder of SimpleBits studio, Dan Cederholm shares inspiration mixed with great humour.
@siteinspire – Showcase of the best web design, highlighting examples of exciting visual and interface design.
@sitepointdotcom – THE online resource for web designers, developers and dealmakers.
@sixrevisions – Publishes practical and useful articles for designers and web developers.
@smashingapps – Opensource, Free and Useful Online Resources for Designers and Developers.
@smashingmag – Curated by Vitaly Friedman, editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine.
@snookca – Now working at Yahoo, Jonathan Snook is a well respected guy who makes wonderful web things.
@speckyboy – A web and graphic design resource run by Paul Andrew
@spolsky – Joel Spolsky, the man responsible for Joel on Software shares his thoughts in 140 characters.
@stevensnell – The creative mind behind Vandelay Design. Jam packed with inspiration.
@stephentiano – This book designer shares his thoughts and views on all kinds of design. A very clever chap.
@swissmiss – Tina Roth Eisenberg, well respected design blogger shares her thoughts and tips.
@tdcbrand – The Twitter account representing the Design Cubicle Blog run by Brian Hoff.
@thegraphicmac – Jim Dempsey, graphic designer, owner/author of
@themaninblue – Cameron Adams takes a look at design, animation and code.
@thewebkaiser – Kyle Reddoch maintains the blog The Everyday Web Expert and herewith shares snippets.
@thinkdesign – A great resource for freebies, resources and information.
@thinkvitamin – Containing insightful articles from experts throughout the industry. A must-read.
@tonynaccarato – This cool designer has an awesome Twitter account and runs 325Studio.
@tracygr – Tracey Grady links to interesting content whilst providing hours of amusing tweets.
@tutorial9 – A great resource for Photoshop, photography, web design and more.
@typographica – A journal of typography with a focus on typeface reviews. Edited by Stephen Coles.
@ucllc – A design firm and blog publishing enterprise all rolled into one, with snippets in their tweets.
@unbeige – A look at design, art, fashion, architecture, photography, museums, interiors and more.
@usabilitypost – Dmitry Fadeyev, Fab designer. Founder of,,
@uxmatters – Links to their web magazine about user experience matters, providing insights for ux profs.
@vandelaydesign – A brilliant source of design resources and inspiration.
@vectips – Illustrator Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials.
@vectorvault – Inspiring people with the best examples of vector art that the world has to offer.
@vpieters – Veerle Pieters, Belgian graphic & web designer, author of Veerle’s blog and founder of Duoh!
@webdesignerdepot – Talking about web design trends, tutorials and much more.
@webdesignledger – The accompanying Twitter account to the publication, written for designers by designers.
@webdesignermag – The Twitter account to accompany monthly magazine for online creatives.
@wefunction – Tweets from the team at Function, containing interviews, tips, icons and more.
@wellmedicated – Andrew Lindstrom shares inspirational links, showcases and freebies.
@youthedesigner – Graphic Design Blog and Tips for Designers!
@zeldman – Jeffrey Zeldman, Author, Designing With Web Standards. Founder, Happy Cog. Publisher, A List Apart, A Book Apart. Co-founder, An Event Apart, The Big Web Show. Amazing man.


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