Am Ap porn ad

[ro] Se pare ca nu numai in Romania lucrurile sunt porno ci, ca de obicei, ne aliniem la un trend mondial. Am Ap s’au gandit ca e greu sa faci o reclama la blugi. Basically, la cati blugi sunt pe lume, trebuie sa-i arati omului niste tzatze. Obligatoriu.

Reclama a costat sub $1.000 (putea s-o faca orice intern) si functioneaza ca un viral. Am Ap vinde de milioane de dolari in fiecare an. Asta nu vine ca raspuns la criza neaparat, ci sa suplineasca alte nevoi in advertising si atingerea targetului.


[en] It looks like not only in Romania things are porn but, as always, we’re lining up to global trends. Am Ap thought that it’s kindda difficult to make a jeans ad. Basically, when there’s so many jeans in the world, you gotta show some tits. You just have to.

The ad costs under $1.000 to produce (any intern could’ve done it) and it works like a viral. Am Ap sells about millions of dollars every year so this is not about the financial crisis, but an answer to other needs in advertising and targeting reach.