ICE3ERG Mag. Newsletter #1

ICE3ERG Mag. Newsletter #1 – 8.02.2007


ICE3ERG Magazine

just launched !


issue #1

  • The long awaited ICE3ERG Magazine is finally here, in its new format. READ what happened with the old format and PrettyFcukinGood Mag. Keep in mind that this is not your regular magazine, new fashion stories, editorials, artsy stuff will be uploaded in the following weeks, until the end of the month, when a new issue will be available. So keep checking out ICE3ERG.COM or, even better, SUBSCRIBE to the newsletter and you’ll always be up to date.


  • New Illustrations by Mike Harrison



  • New Beauty editorial uploaded:

  • Photography Andrea Ferrer

  • Make-up part1 Emilia Enciu

  • Make-up part2 MariTempea




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