Most bizarre Depeche Mode Video I’ve ever seen

Live 1986 french tv Cocoricoboy 🙂

and the comments on this video are also memorable 🙂

  • this is so tacky it’s almost great
  • That is probably why everybody hates the french!
  • All those weirdos from Cocoricoboy surrounding DM : absolutely surrealist !
  • Lol when they all jump back in shock when Alan beats the drum
  • oh my lord, foreign tv is sooooooooooooooo weird.
  • How is dave keeping a straight face? haha how bizarre…
  • Haha! This is madness! And that outfit Martin is wearing. Unreal.
  • There is so much WTF going on in this video I’m speechless.
  • surreal, fantastic! mixing dm and david lynch
  • i’m french and i remember the cocoricocoboy show… it’s so funny to see depeche mode here :o))))

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