Super-SHOT Romania : week 4

This week’s Top 5 images in Super-SHOT Romania Flickr group-pool:

Marisha 28 0063_32 lazar01_M

  • Once a week, the Top 5 images from Super-SHOT Romania will be published here. The collection will later be published in a future issue of ICE3ERG Magazine.
About SUPER-SHOT Romania:
1: Pentru cei care nu fac poze plictisitoare si s-au plictisit de imagini banale din Romania. Pentru cei care fac banalul interesant. Pentru un nou unghi.
2: Acest grup este foarte “moderat” de catre moderator(i). Nu postati poze pur si simplu. Cuvintele cheie sunt EDITATI, EDITATI, EDITATI imaginile ! Nu o luati personal daca imaginile sunt scoase din pool.
1: For the ones who don’t just take boring pictures and they’re sick and tired of regular pics from Romania. For the ones that turn the regular into special. For a new angle.
2: This group is heavilly curated by its moderator(s). Don’t just post pictures right out of your camera. Main words ? EDIT, EDIT, EDIT your images ! Don’t take it personal if your images are removed from the pool.

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